A Bestie New Year Reunion

Charlotte Narboni
2 min readJan 4, 2023
L-R. Charlotte and Duffy, BFF.

A Bestie New Year Reunion.

Duffy, my dear friend, has been my best friend since we first met in San Francisco more than one-half century ago. Her husband, Jack, and mine, Gino, were the two US Air Force medical residents in the Army program at Letterman General Hospital.

Duffy, a bright, loving friend, mother, wife, and grandmother, has now been struck by the horrors of dementia. Life is difficult, but fortunately, she has a fantastic family, including her husband of 60 years and her devoted children, their spouses, and grandchildren.

The light is not entirely extinguished. Duffy can remember our friendship. I can call her on the phone and show up on her doorstep, and her reaction is always the same: a big smile, a warm welcome, and a return to our shared experiences, accurate and timely.

Last week when I visited, Duffy asked, out of the blue, “Have you been doing any traveling lately.” Now, that’s pulling recognition from some deep part of her mind.

I was thrilled.

Today, we added another stop in our shared experiences. Shelly, the Saylor #1 daughter, and Channing, her more than adorable husband, brought Duffy and her wheelchair to see my condo. Her first trip to a non-medical facility in a long time.

What a great afternoon: Dignowity Meats* sandwiches, Macaroni and cheese, Mexican Coke; not a leaf of green anywhere. We finished with the butter-laden chocolate brownies.

Postponed diet for one more day.

*Dignowity Meats, a local eatery, specializes in beef barbeque sandwiches. Featured in Diners, Drive ins and Dives



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