My Version of the 2015 Jennifer Aniston Emirates Airline Commercial

Charlotte Narboni
5 min readJun 2

Stretch your memory back, dear friends, to pre-Covid times and check the YouTube video for Jen’s version of a showerless overseas flight:

My cinematic variation of this five-plus million dollars commercial (Jennifer’s fee) is amateurish. However, comparing the two recorded efforts side by side shows me as having a bit of style: if not style, chutzpah.

I was not reimbursed for my cinematic efforts; I see that as a breakdown between media teams — Emirates and mine.

At the time, my dear husband, Gino, and I were deep into seeing as many places as possible that we had perhaps missed in a lifetime of travel. We were retirees with a bit of cash and an uncanny ability to search and find every travel deal known to man, particularly the high-end ones.

Somewhere along the discovery path, we learned that Alaska Airlines had (and still has) the most generous airline miles award travel program. It covers the Star Alliance group, Qatar, American, and of course, Alaska Air. Once you have signed up as an Alaska Airline Frequent Flyer member, you can access their flight deals with companion airlines. Make it an even better deal by signing up for the Alaska Airlines sponsored credit card. Over the top: own a business, and you will be eligible for an Alaska Airlines Business credit card. (You will have to prove that you own a business.) For personal and business cards, Alaska Air Visa offers generous air miles bonuses for signing up. Using your Alaska Air Visa Card for purchases, you can convert those dollar charges for airline travel miles.

Two of you traveling together? Each person repeats the sign-up process for Alaska Air Visa Travel cards and suddenly, you are both eligible for significant mileage programs. (Catch: each credit card carries a $95.annual fee for personal card and $75 for business cards.)

The Alaska Air Credit cards offer an annual companion fare and access to that substantial…

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