Why I Always Order Chiles Rellenos in a Mexican Restaurant

Charlotte Narboni
5 min readJul 12, 2020
Home made Chile Relleno a la Casa Carlotta

Because they’re a pain in the butt to make at home. But, and here’s the zinger; the chile relleno in the photo was without question, the best-tasting I have ever eaten.

Was it worth it?

A qualified “yes”. If you can check the boxes, you should try this recipe:

  1. You have plenty of time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were chiles rellenos. (In answer to this question, Angelica, my darling keep-my-apartment-from-being-declared-uninhabitable assistant, told me she had once made 100 handmade chiles rellenos to raise money for her mother’s heart surgery!)
  2. You are smart enough to prepare the dish in stages — skin the poblano peppers the day before frying. Dry well on paper towels, cover and refrigerate until ready to stuff and fry.
  3. You have access to fresh poblanos. This is not the time for substitutes. Poblanos are generally less “hot” than other peppers. Note I say “generally” . . . they come in different levels of heat.
  4. Choose one good quality melting Mexican cheese. Add Mozzerella cheese for added flavor (Angelica-tip).
  5. You are prepared to eat them immediately after frying. This is not a microwave dish; not if you want to recreate the restaurant relleno. Angelica-tip: In restaurants…



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